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Central Green

Central Green is a 86 unit, four-story, wood-framed residential building built built for the Ki-low-na Friendship Society that provides a sense of an urban neighbourhood with affordable rental units. Designed as a response to the urgent need for entry-level rental hosing in Kelowna, Central green fulfils a larger purpose through appropriate densification and sustainable practices. 


The large internal landscaped courtyard allows for a mini-community fell while also allowing for residential privacy and sense of place. The project includes a range of different types of units, from single room studios to three bedroom units, in order to support a diverse mix of demographics and further establish the urban community feel. There is a ground floor amenity unit that provides the space necessary for residents to enjoy anything from gardening to social gatherings in a way that allows natural interaction between residents. 

Central Green is a LEED Certified building and adheres to the principals of sustainable design by creating a living space that is both green in its se of materials and in the way it creates an environment that provides the amenities necessary to live, work, and play, without the use of cars. 

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